Luxury apartment communities across the United States trust Epoch Residential to achieve maximum profitability. We achieve this success time, and time again, through successful development, construction and property management.


Epoch Residential has developed over 37,000 units within over 150 communities since 1970. What sets us apart as a multi-family developer is first, our extremely successful track record of choosing strategic markets in which to develop at the right time; and second, our ability to create properties with award-winning architectural design and amenity packages.

Epoch has extensive relationships with design consultants throughout the apartment industry and has worked with multiple architects, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects from across the United States. In addition to its traditional stable of design professionals, Epoch has broadened its consultant network to include ADA, sound attenuation and waterproofing consultants in the design process to ensure that issues that have been common in the apartment industry in the past no longer occur. This attention to detail continues to pay dividends long after the construction process has been completed.